About InTeLS-TR

“What is InTeLS-TR?”

InTeLS-TR is the abbrevaton for “International Trade e-Learning suite for SMEs in TuRkey”. It is a vocational training project financed by the European Commission, under the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (LdV), coordinated by the National Agency of Turkey (Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes).

The project was developed with the purpose of transferring the previous LdV project “InTeLS”, coordinated by Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, one of the InTeLS-TR Project partners, by adapting the results and management methods of this project to the local needs of Turkish SMEs, in order to foster and encourage vocational education in international trade.

Why international trade training for SMEs?

  • SMEs find it difficult to compete in the domestic and international markets because of their limited resources and traditional business methods.
  • Given the fact that export provides the SMEs the opportunity to reach a wide range of clients, it constitutes an essential marketing strategy for them.
  • Istanbul Exporters Association, majority of whose members are SMEs, has transferred Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce’s “InTeLS” project in accordance with the local needs in Turkey in order to enhance the export capacities of Turkish SMEs while providing them with an e-learning method and an international trade simulation.
This project is supported and financed by the EU.
The visual material is produced with EU support.
The visual material is within the responsibility of consortium partners and does not reflect the official view of the EU.

Project Head Office: Istanbul Exporters Association Secretary General
Çobançeşme Mevkii, Sanayi Caddesi, Dış Ticaret Kompleksi, C Blok Yenibosna / ISTANBUL
Tel: +90 212 454-05-00   Faks: +90 212 454-05-01